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Case Studies

The Ridge

See how the brand behind the Ridge Wallet uses market data as a secret weapon to find inefficiencies and cut costs.
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Darkroom Agency

Learn how Darkroom uses Varos to navigate IOS 14 and add trust to the agency-client relationship.
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What you get with Varos

The go-to place to get market data on KPIs, delivered through easily consumable formats

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Quotes from Happy Customers

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    Connor MacDonald
    CMO @ The Ridge

    " We have a much stronger pulse on the market and I am more targeted in focusing our team in the right areas.”

  • Darkroom 4
    Lucas DiPietrantonio
    CEO @ Darkroom

    “Ever since we’ve been able to report our results together with market data, you can feel the added trust in the relationship.” 

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    Jake Mor
    CEO @ FitnessAI

    "When I see my CTRs start dropping compared to similar companies, I know I need to work on new creatives."

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    Daniel Diaz
    CEO @ Social Bulldog

    “Varos has been instrumental in goal setting and demonstrating superior results with clients.” 


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